51-year-old White Plains man charged in fatal hit-and-run accident

51-year-old Aubrey Gumbs was taken into custody and was charged on Wednesday for causing a crash that left 1 individual dead. His charges also include escaping the accident spot.

Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner told that Gumbs was asked questions by the detectives and was charged with a class D felony charge.

He was taken into custody for the incident which was under investigation as the detectives were in search of a 2015 Honda Pilot that Gumbs is accused of driving the night when it hit 23-year-old Darryl Chung.

On Thursday, Feiner said, “Credit to our Greenburgh Police Department for their excellent detective skills! It’s reassuring to know that our police don’t give up and will follow every lead possible when hit and runs occur or when crimes happen. We’re lucky to have a dedicated and outstanding police department serving our community”.

On 9th of June 2015, Chung who was a resident of South Road in Greenburgh was getting back home on foot when he was hit and killed. The person behind the wheel escaped the incident spot, leaving Chung lying on the side of the roadway where he was later discovered by an individual who was passing from the site and he called 911 around 6 a.m. The video recorded shown a vehicle that was going on South Road in the vicinity of Polk Place around 1:45 a.m.

Greenburgh detectives who were making efforts in collaboration with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for the search of the suspect obtained a search warrant for the Pilot who will be taken to the Westchester County Department of Laboratories for forensic analysis.

Gumbs was in custody and spent the night at Greenburgh Police Headquarters awaiting arraignment in the Greenburgh Town Court that was at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

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