6-Year-Old Boy Killed In Harlem Half A Block From School

East Harlem – On Thursday, February 28th, a 6-year-old boy was struck and killed by a big rig half a block from school while the school’s crossing guard was on a bathroom break. His 10-year-old big brother was found crying over his body.

The crossing guard has since been suspended from her duties. However, the child’s distraught father says the crossing guard has been a fixture at that corner and he does not blame her for his son’s death. The victims’ father said, “She loved that boy.” He does not blame her for the tragedy.

The female crossing guard, a 10-year veteran, was suspended after she left her post at First Avenue and East 117th Street without obtaining permission. According to sources, she has worked at that particular intersection since 2003.

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What happened to the 6-year-old boy in East Harlem on Thursday morning is absolutely devastating. It just goes to show how our loved ones can be taken away from us when you least expect it. When tragedy strikes a family and they are robbed of their loved one due to negligence, the surviving family members are entitled to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased. Wrongful death claims are a critical aspect of personal injury law because they are designed to hold people and businesses accountable for their negligent actions. The objective of such claims is not to penalize negligent behavior, but to set a precedent, and to deter people and businesses from acting irresponsibly and endangering the life of others.

Wrongful death claims are generally filed by the victim’s parents, their children, or by a spouse. The person who files the claim depends upon the nature of the relationship with the accident victim. Wrongful death claims typically cover medical expenses; pain and suffering experienced by the victim in the minutes, hours, or days before their death; funeral expenses; and lost income for the victim and/or their family, among other damages.

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