An Overview Of Amputation Injuries

11Amputations occur when a body part is severed from the rest of the body. Vehicle accidents, constructions accidents or medical negligence could lead to an amputation that could have been avoided. In car accidents, where the body is crushed or held immobile by the vehicle structure can so severely damage the limb that it must be removed for the health of the patient. There are also cases in which a piece of machinery or other heavy object falls and crushes a limb, or severs a body part on a construction site. A factory accident involving getting a hand or finger caught in machinery is not uncommon. You could also lose a limb due to carelessness by medical practitioners, such as misdiagnosing a condition that then requires amputation as a result, or not acting fast enough to treat a condition.

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation, and it was the result of another’s negligence, then you need to contact a personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler. If the facts show that another party was at fault, then you will be entitled to recover compensation to cover the damages you incurred, including not only very high medical bills, but also the costs of rehabilitation, reimbursement for loss of wages, and emotional trauma. We will file a claim for you and negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum monetary compensation possible for your physical injuries and emotional suffering.

Workplace Accidents and Medical Negligence

Some examples of amputation injuries include loss of fingers while operating packaging equipment, trash compactor accidents resulting in the loss of hands, conveyor belt accidents and other heavy machinery, such as table saws, causing loss of limb.

Unfortunately, if you suffer an amputation due to a work-related injury, any workers’ compensation you receive may not be enough to fully compensate you. How your injury will affect your future cannot always be known until much time has passed. But undoubtedly, your life will change. Of course, there can be a big difference between losing a finger and losing a leg. Nevertheless, the traumatic circumstance of losing any body part due to another’s negligence should be compensated at a level that reflects the seriousness of the injury.

Medical negligence can cause amputations as well. For example, if a patient is in an emergency room in obvious physical distress, but is made to wait unattended to for hours, harmful bacteria can attack his/her internal organs. This can result in body parts having to be amputated. This amputation could have been prevented if the hospital had treated the patient more quickly. In other cases, surgeons mistakenly amputate the wrong limb, causing a person needless suffering. These are only a few examples of how medical malpractice is sometimes responsible for amputations.

An amputation not only affects the victim, but very often his entire family as well. The amputee will have to learn how to do simple day-to-day activities in a whole new way, and family members will have to learn how to compensate as well. There will most likely be severe emotional trauma connected to the amputation. Phantom pains, where the victim feels pain in the missing body part, can go on for years, causing mental anguish and distress.

It’s a tragedy to lose a body part under any circumstance, but obviously more so when someone else caused it. If you are the victim of an unnecessary amputation, you need an aggressive and skilled attorney who will fight for your rights and help you fight to recover the maximum amount to compensate you for your damages.

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