An Overview Of Bicycle Accidents

11A bicycle accident can cause severe and catastrophic injuries. It can injure the bicyclist so seriously that they will require many months of medical care and rehabilitation to regain the ability to live life as they did prior to the accident. If you or your loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, it is imperative that you have legal representation from a White Plains bicycle accident lawyer. It’s crucial that your rights are protected by an experienced professional. We will file a claim for you and negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum monetary compensation possible for your physical injuries and emotional suffering.

Our founding attorney, Jason B. Kessler, has garnered a reputation for high quality legal work in difficult, high-value personal injury cases. While serving as legal counsel for a major insurance company earlier in his career, he learned the strategies employed by insurance companies to deny payment or significantly reduce the amount of money paid to people who have been injured. He uses this insight and knowledge to proficient negotiate with insurance companies in bicycle accident claims where people have sustained severe or permanent injuries.

Bicycle Accidents in New York

Many bicycle accidents are related to aggressive driving or road rage, alcohol, and cell phone use while driving. The highest human factor contributing to bicycle accidents was driver inattention and a failure to yield.

Bicyclists have the same rights as other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, drivers may not grant the same respect to a bicyclist, and often fail to even observe that a bicyclist is present and sharing the road or street. Whether it’s you or a family member who has been injured, it’s important to have access to the best medical care and treatment available. Since the settlement or verdict will pay for your medical treatment and other associated costs, it’s crucial that your lawyer negotiates to get you the maximum monetary amount possible.

Types of Compensation in Bicycle Accident Cases

As with any personal injury case, there are a range of damages that could be pursued based upon the severity of the injury; the long term impact on the quality of life of the individual; the medical costs; estimated future costs of treatment; lost income, both now and predicted for the future through wages and other types of income; as well as pain and suffering. When our firm takes on a case, we engage in a careful and thorough evaluation of all of these damages so that the claim filed reflects the full scope of damages done to you or your family member.

If the insurance company refuses to pay or insists on making low offers that are inadequate, our firm can move forward with a legal action against the company to pursue the maximum monetary compensation to which you are entitled.

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