According to the police, an accident that happened on Westchester Avenue on Sunday left a 21-year-old man dead.

It took almost a whole day to investigate the accident that happened near the eastbound ramp of Westchester Avenue for which a specific area was closed at 5 a.m. and opened at 3 p.m.

The driver who was driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and caused the accident was a woman; her name was not made public by the police. She was travelling on Westchester Avenue around 5 a.m. when she struck something under the Anderson Hill Road overpass. However, she didn’t know what it was and drove for two or three blocks before stopping and calling the police.

The cops found a dead man at the scene; he was hit by the vehicle and died on the accident spot.

According to Public Safety Commissioner David Chong, “The female was given a Breathalyzer test. She was above the legal limit.”

The name of the woman will be made public on Monday when she will be arraigned. Her charges include vehicular manslaughter as well.

The name of the victim was also not made public because notification to his next of kin is still pending. The name of the victim will be released after notifying the relatives.

While the accident was under investigation, Chong added, “We had to do a whole accident investigation and everything else to recover evidence.”

To investigate the accident and to clear the scene, a section of the Westchester Avenue eastbound ramp was blocked by a police vehicle and was opened again for traffic at 3 p.m. A black Nissan sedan was surrounded by police tape and was parked close to where Westchester Avenue meets Meadowbrook Road in the area that was blocked by the police.