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Recent Verdicts and Settlements in New York

Over the past 9 years, the Law Office of Jason B. Kessler, protecting the rights of injured parties, has recovered millions in damages for our clients. Many of our clients hire us because of our success level in countless cases, both by settlement and by jury verdict.

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and circumstances.

$1,175,000 – Automobile Jury Verdict – Westchester County: Client suffered from a severe neck and left hand injury as a result of being struck by a car. Client eventually had surgery on her left hand and neck. In a damages only trial in conservative Westchester County a jury came back with an excellent verdict.

$775,000– Bronx County Automobile Accident Case. Plaintiff was a passenger of a car that was hit by a truck. As a result she had back surgery and need for wound care. During mediation case was settled.

$650,000 – Automobile Accident Settlement – Client was hit in the rear on a Westchester County highway. Suffered from severe neck and back injuries including spinal surgery. Settled this case before trial in a conservative venue, Westchester County, NY.

$625,000 – Automobile Accident Settlement- New York County- Client’s car was rear-ended by another driver. Client suffered from a severe back and shoulder injuries including an aggravation of a pre-existing back condition and a torn rotator cuff in her left shoulder. As a result of the collision client underwent back surgery and shoulder surgery. Client was a housekeeper and was unable to do her job as a result of this collision. Settled case during discovery.

$607,500 — Automobile Accident Settlement – Westchester County: Client was side swiped by a company van; severely injured as a result of the collision. Suffered with pain in neck, back and both knees. Client had neck surgery and surgery on both of his knees. Case was settled on the trial calendar.

$490,000 — Automobile Accident Settlement – Bronx County: Client was rear ended by a truck. Suffered with pain in neck, head injury, concussion syndrome, balance and cognitive impairment. We were able to get summary judgment on liability. The case was settled prior to trial.

$435,000– Westchester County Automobile Accident Case. Plaintiff was driving down a street when another driver T-boned her car. As a result she had neck surgery with scarring. At a settlement conference this case was settled.

$415,000 — Automobile Accident Settlement: Client was rear-ended by an SUV, suffered from herniated discs in the back with spinal surgery. Case settled after depositions were held.

$367,500  Construction Accident Settlement-New York County – Client fell off a 12 foot scaffold due to improper safety device, Client suffered left heel fracture and had a broken ankle. As a result client needed to undergo ankle surgery. Client lost one years worth of wages. Settled case during discovery.

$350,000  Automobile Jury Verdict – Bronx County: Plaintiff suffered from torn ligaments in his knee and had surgery as a result of the car accident. Plaintiff’s orthopedist stated that he would need a total knee replacement. Mr. Kessler was able to persuade a jury to award the Plaintiff $250,000 for past pain and suffering and $100,000 future pain and suffering.

$325,000  Workers’ Compensation Settlement: Social worker was attacked by a special needs child and injured head, neck, back and suffered psychological damage as well.

$160,000 — Dental Malpractice Settlement: Bronx County- Defendants dental student and oral surgeon severed Plaintiff’s lingual nerve while removing lower third molar causing Plaintiff to undergo nerve re-connection surgery. Plaintiff still suffers from loss of sensation in tongue.

$150,000  Dental Malpractice Settlement – New York County: Defendant dentist overextended on a root canal causing the Plaintiff permanent numbness and loss of sensation in mouth.

$112,500  Automobile Accident Settlement – Westchester County: Pedestrian walking across the street at night in dark area struck by a car causing tear in leg and surgery.

$110,000 – Automobile Accident Settlement – Orange County: Client was struck in the rear by defendant driver. She had injured wrist and shoulder. As a result she had two arthroscopic surgeries where no tears were confirmed. Case was settled on the trial calendar.

$100,000  Supermarket Settlement – Dutchess County: Plaintiff slipped and fell in a supermarket causing a fractured hip. Defendant had prior notice of wet condition and did nothing to clean up the mess.

$100,000  Dental Malpractice Settlement – New York County: Defendant dentist pulled back molar without taking proper pre-operative x-ray, causing Plaintiff permanent numbness and loss of sensation in mouth.


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