Church Alive Interview Pt. 1

Attorney Jason Kessler discusses personal injury law with Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: “Welcome once again to Church Alive and this is your host and president of church alive development corporation and the proud pastor of Church Alive Community Church. And once again we are here to bring you a holistic approach to the gospel. And that is to give you information, resources and services that will improve your life style. We want to take this time to thank all of you that have been watching Church Alive for over 20 years. And we appreciate the fact that you have allowed us to come into your home. We would like to hear from you, we extend a hearty invitation for you not only to watch the program but to visit Church Alive. We have an array of services from immigration referral all the way to job training and some special programs that we are starting in the area of green jobs. So we can help you in any way, especially in family counseling, Church Alive is available.

We are bringing you a very special program because from one situation to the other we are going to have problems with the Lord and I’m not talking about you committing a crime I’m talking about accident. Sometimes it is a slip and fall, sometimes it’s something that fell from a shelf, sometimes it could be a very incident that happened on a subway or a train. And you have been injured and you are saying what do I do, how can I reclaim how can I get justification or how can I get restitution because I’m injured. We are going to tell you all about that because we have a very famous attorney his name is Jason B. Kessler and he is going to give us some answers to questions that we need answers to not when we get injured but before. So without any further a due I want to introduce my guest Mr.  Jason Kessler.

Attorney Jason Kessler: Thank you Reverend, it is a pleasure to meet you.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Well we are going to get right into it but before we do, tell us a little bit about your background coming up to becoming  an attorney.

Attorney Jason Kessler: Well you know my name is Jason B. Kessler and my background is this, I did community outreach for many years and I also was a teacher however I believe that there was a different way to help the community and then I went to law school. After I graduated law school I worked for the city of New York so I could see how the litigation process worked, I have also worked for several insurance companies and after I believed I received the training and understanding to know how litigation worked I founded my law firm, the Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler to help the injured.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett:  Well you know you are on both sides.

Attorney Jason Kessler:  Yes that’s right.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: So you were there when people were suing the city.

Attorney Jason Kessler: That’s right.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Am I correct?

Attorney Jason Kessler: That’s right.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: That must have been quite interesting.

Attorney Jason Kessler: Oh yes it was.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Because a lot of people feel I can’t sue the government, is that true?

Attorney Jason Kessler: That is not true, if you believe you have slipped and fell or injured because of something the government did then you have the right to bring a lawsuit. But you should know that in the city of New York and with all city agencies there is something called the notice of claim. That means within 90 days you have to give notice of your injuries the location where it happen and some personal information. That is why it is important if you believe that you have been injured due to a municipal negligence because of the government, get to a lawyer really quick.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Okay, what about the steps that a person should take if they have been injured say for instances a subway, a sidewalk or a train. What should they do?

Attorney Jason Kessler: They should realize that the burden is on them to show that they were injured in a certain place, so they should make sure and be aware of where they are injured and get a police report. And if they are too injured or they are in the hospital has a loved one or a friend go back to the place of injury and take pictures, it is very important.

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