Church Alive Interview pt. 3

Attorney Jason Kessler discusses personal injury law with Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: In picking an attorney what are some of the questions you know that I should ask them? You know because everybody thinks I shouldn’t say anything because he is the attorney you know and I shouldn’t say anything but yes, but is that true?

Attorney Jason Kessler: Well that’s not true, just like you are going to the doctor. You don’t go to a foot doctor if you have ear problems and you don’t go to an ear doctor if you have a foot problem. You have to make sure that that attorney has dealt with your kind of case. You should ask him, what is his experience? Has he taken a case like yours to trial? What is his track record? All those are valid questions and any sort of professional or business relationship you make in life you should always ask questions and there are no stupid questions.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: But then what should expect from the attorney, you know, what should I expect of him? What should he be offering me for me to say that’s my attorney?

Attorney Jason Kessler: Well there should be chemistry just like with your physician or just like with a minister. There should be chemistry you have to trust that attorney. Is that attorney answering your questions? Does that attorney instill confidence in you, do you believe that attorney is somebody you can trust. And then throughout the relationship if you have any doubts you know you should talk to that attorney. And if you believe that attorney is not representing your best interest, you should leave. And feel free to leave and seek legal advice elsewhere.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Okay this always comes up when a person has an accident; the question always comes up the value of the accident. What it is worth to me or is it worth anything at all. How do we deal with that?

Attorney Jason Kessler: Well you know the value of the case can change depending on who was injured. Of course if you have somebody who was a certain age it sometimes is worth more then somebody who is injured who was of another age. Sometimes it’s a venue sometimes it’s who your advisory is. There are a thousand different factors and coming into an attorney’s office an attorney may not know what your case is worth because your injuries may change. You may have full recovery or God forbid you may be in a hospital for the rest of your life and the value of your case goes up. So the value of your case depends on many different factors and there is no one simple answer.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Okay so there are people watching who are saying well I just had an accident; I’m not sure where to find an attorney. Some attorneys are answering services some attorneys they never get back to you. What should a person right now who may have had an accident how can they get in touch with you are you readily available that’s probably what I am saying.

Attorney Jason Kessler: I’m readily available; at the end of this program you will see my number and you will see my website. I am available to talk to people who are injured as a result of accidents and I try my best to get back to them in a timely manner. If some reason I am on trial and I can’t get back to you as quickly as you like I will have one of my support staffs get back to you and I will answer your question. No question will be unanswered and I will make sure you are an informed client because in my opinion an informed client is the best kind of client.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: You know there is a problem with people when they have accidents there are passengers in a car, they may be in my car. People have a bad feeling when they sue me. Maybe there is a person even in the church who has an accident in the church and well they say I can’t sue the church. Are they suing the church and are they suing me and my car? I think that needs to be cleared up.

Attorney Jason Kessler: No they are not, in New York State its mandatory that if you are driving a car or own a business that you have insurance. So if you are a passenger let’s say in your friends car and your friend gets into an accident and your injured your seriously injured you’re not suing your friend but your suing your friends insurance company and hopefully they have enough coverage to cover your injuries but you are suing their insurance company not your friend.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: So it is wise for church, a car owner, a boat owner whatever or even a business to have insurance?

Attorney Jason Kessler: Well how much insurance do you have Reverend?

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: Well uh quite a bit here at church alive it is up in the million dollars the million million area and I advise right away all pastors to get liability insurance it’s extremely important because anything can happen and it would simply ruin the church if someone in your congregation gets injured and they can’t sue you because you don’t have any coverage that’s really hurting.

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