Church Alive Interview pt. 6

Attorney Jason Kessler discusses personal injury law with Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: So we want to thank you for this segment, segment number one, and I know as great as this segment was the second one is going to be even better. So folks we want you to stay tuned with us, the second segment going to follow in weeks to come. And we will advertise it and notify you when that second segment will be. Attorney Jason Kessler, thank you very much.

Attorney Jason Kessler: It’s always a pleasure.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Birkett: In closing we would like to you write to us. If you have questions on the screen are all the telephone numbers and the email for the attorney, my telephone number is there if you would like to call and express how or whether you liked this program and whether you would like us to continue, maybe even doing a series. And if you would like to support Church Alive then this is a great time to do that. We have been servicing you we would like to continue to improve our television ministry but we need to hear from you and we need your prayers and your financial support. Thank you once again and this is yours Reverand Birkett saying we love you with the love of the lord.

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