Dental Malpractice- Nerve Damage

So you went to your dentist for an implant, and days after the implant procedure you still feel that numb feeling on the bottom of your mouth. Maybe you went to an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth removed and now you can’t feel your tongue. Perhaps, you had an abscess that was drained by the dentist and now you can’t feel the bottom of your mouth, your chin, lips, or gums.

What happened?

You have nerve damage.

Who caused it?

In some instances the nerve damage that you feel was caused by a dentist’s negligence. Perhaps the dentist placed your implant too far into your mouth and severed a nerve? Perhaps the dentist did not take an x-ray before he/she drained the abscess? Perhaps, the oral surgeon placed his/her instruments outside the field of surgery and severed your lingual nerve?

The dentist may tell you that this was a risk of the procedure. However, this may not be the case. Typically, nerve damage does not happen if the dentist follows the proper standard of care.

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