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[collapse title=”Q. What Made You Choose A Career In Personal Injury Law?” id=”optional_id1″ open=”y/n”]
A. I wanted an exciting challenging career where I would be presented with difficult situations and I wanted to help others. Plus, I always rooted for the little guy and personal injury law is the only situation where the common citizen can fight power corporations, insurance companies and doctors and win.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. In Your Opinion, What Sets Your Firm Apart From Other Firms In The Area?” id=”optional_id2″ open=”y/n”]
A. I care about my clients and I try to communicate with them on a regular basis. I also believe that I fight harder for my clients interests than most personal injury law firms.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. Tell Us About A Case That You Are Particularly Proud Of?” id=”optional_id3″ open=”y/n”]
A. A recent case where I tried an automobile case against a nasty insurance company that took a no pay position and I won a significant amount of money.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. What Steps Do You Take To Prepare For A Difficult Case?” id=”optional_id4″ open=”y/n”]
A. Review documents, speak to experts and conduct investigations etc. Nothing can substitute for preparation. When you are dealing with personal injury cases you should be as prepared as possible. the more you are prepared the better the result. If you are not prepared and “wing it” it is a recipe for disaster.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. How Do You View Your Role In The Attorney-Client Relationship?” id=”optional_id5″ open=”y/n”]
A. I am the client’s advocate and advisor. I advocate for the best interests of the client but I also tell the client realistically their chances of success and what their case is worth in a particular jurisdiction.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. How Does Your Experience In The Personal Injury Field Benefit Your Clients?” id=”optional_id6″ open=”y/n”]
A. Over the years I have become familiar with my adversaries, the judges and the different local venues. This is a benefit to my clients and because of this I can make better decisions on behalf of my clients.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. What Types Of Personal Injury Claims Do You Specifically Handle?” id=”optional_id7″ open=”y/n”]
A. Mostly car accidents and premises liability accidents.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. In Your Opinion, What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Job?” id=”optional_id8″ open=”y/n”]
A. Gratitude and thanks from a client. I like to know that I made a positive impact on my client’s lives.[/collapse]

[collapse title=”Q. What Advice Do You Most Often Give Your Clients & Why?” id=”optional_id9″ open=”y/n”]
A. To be patient. A personal injury case usually takes 2-3 years and the wheels of justice move slow. I need my clients to understand also that the more patient that they are the better result that they usually have. Most cases settle sometime after the insurance company receives all the information that they need to evaluate the case and before trial.[/collapse]


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