Were you or someone you love recently involved in an accident? It doesn’t matter where you live, accidents are a part of life and they always happen when we least expect it. When an individual is involved in an accident and suffers serious injuries, their entire life can be turned upside down. After an injury, the victim may be hospitalized for several weeks or more, and it may take months, if not years to recover from their injuries. When one can’t perform their duties at work because of their debilitating injuries, their concerns shift to how they are going to pay their mounting medical bills, and more importantly, how they are going to take care of themselves and their family.

At The Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler, we represent injured victims and their family members in all types of personal injury claims. Fortunately, when someone is injured in a preventable accident due to the negligence of another individual or a corporation, the injured person is legally entitled to compensation to cover all of their economic and emotional damages. Such damages include: medical expenses, ambulance costs, rehabilitation or physical therapy, pain and suffering, lost income, and loss of future income, as well as any other relevant financial losses. We can file a claim for you and negotiate with the insurance company to make sure that you receive the maximum monetary compensation possible for your physical injury and emotional suffering. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Personal Injury Areas of Practice

Our firm handles all types of accidents. Whether you were involved in a car or truck accident, or if you were injured in a mass transit accident (taxi, bus, subway), we can help. We also assist people who were injured in a slip and fall accident, as well as victims of nursing home abuse or neglect, medical malpractice, chiropractic malpractice, and even psychological malpractice. We handle workers’ compensation claims, and wrongful death claims on behalf of surviving family members.

All accidents can cause serious, if not life-threatening injuries for the accident victim. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you have a Harlem personal injury attorney working aggressively to obtain as much financial compensation as physically possible for you. Most accident victims have no idea what types of losses they are likely to encounter over the life of their injuries, and without an attorney taking into account all of your future losses, you stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars in much needed relief.

Why Jason B. Kessler?

Unfortunately, all too often accident victims are too quick to accept a fast settlement from the insurance company. While this may be tempting, the insurance company has the upper hand over the average person. Most victims have no idea what their claim is worth and they easily fall into the insurance adjuster’s trap, believing their claim is worth little. As a skilled litigator, attorney Jason Kessler doesn’t play these games with insurance companies. He is a former defense counsel for the City of New York and has provided legal services for a major insurance company. His experience gives him a unique advantage–he is not only an aggressive litigator who won’t take no for an answer, he also has keen insight into how insurance companies try to devalue your claim.

Over the course of his career, attorney Kessler has successfully resolved hundreds of claims on behalf of his clients. His verdicts and settlements have been featured in trade publications such as the Jury Verdict Reporter, and he has appeared on TV as a legal expert. If you were injured in an accident, don’t risk losing a fortune by handling the claim yourself.

White Plains Personal Injury Attorney

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