Making A Claim To An Insurance Carrier

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I spend alot of time working with clients who are injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. These people have been hurt and usually want the quickest, most favorable settlement possible. Contrary to popular belief, not all claims are settled in court. Often the insurance company wishes to settle a case prior to litigation. Having worked both as a claims adjuster and a plaintiff’s lawyer, I can tell you that settlements prior to the onset of litigation are very common, especially in the areas of automobile litigation and premises liability.
There are several reasons why an insurance company wants to settle cases prior to suit:

1) Settlements prior to suit save the insurance company attorney’s fees and legal expenses

2) An insurance adjuster should know how to value a case within the first 6 months of examining the claim
c) Claims adjusters have tons of cases (called a pending) and have constant pressure to eliminate certain cases
There seem to be certain kinds of cases that insurance companys like to settle pre-suit. These include:
1) Cases with clear liability and low damages
2) Cases with clear liability, high damages and low insurance limits
3) Cases where their insured perosn did something that severely prejudices their case
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