Passengers Stuck In Subways

A few weeks ago, New York City suffered from one of the worst snow storms that ever hit the City. What made the snow storm even worse for New Yorkers was the City’s inability to prepare and react to the storm. One of the tragedies of the storm were subway riders who were trapped in cold subway cars without food, bathroom facilities or heat. Many of the passengers were injured physically and emotionally due to this experience.

For those passengers who were injured, they need to take immediate action. New York City General Municipal Law and Public Authorities law mandates that these passengers file a Notice of Claim with the Transit Authority, New York City and the MTA within 90 days of the incident. The Notice of Claim gives the date of the injury, details about the type of injury, how it occurred, and other information that may should that New York City and/or public authorities were at fault.
Hopefully, the passengers complaints and lawsuits will force the New York City to reevaluate the way it handles snow emergencies, so that this will never happen again.
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