Permanent Nerve Injuries By Dentists

Many people go to the dentist and expect that the procedure the dentist will perform, such as a root canal or extraction of a wisdom tooth will be painful and uncomfortable. Most people also know that sometimes the pain or discomfort can last a few days. But what happens when the feeling in their mouth lasts a few weeks, months, years or the rest of their lives?

This may mean that the dentist, oral surgeon or specialist who performed the procedure did something wrong and caused permanent nerve damage.

Recently, we settled a case for six figures in Manhattan where my client went to a dental clinic for a root canal on his wisdom tooth. The attending dentist did not measure his canal lengths, and drilled into his nerve canal ,causing permanent nerve damage.
I am currently working on other nerve damage cases, including two cases involving severed lingual nerves by oral surgeons during the extraction of wisdom teeth. In both cases my clients have been determined to have permanent lingual nerve damage, undergone nerve repair surgeries and unfortunately will not be able to taste food on half of their tongue for the rest of their lives. While the defense counsels for the oral surgeons argue that “lingual nerve damage” can be caused by many factors other than negligence, they cannot explain how complete severance of the lingual nerve into two pieces could be caused by anything other than a surgical error.
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