Sidewalk Accidents In New York

So you slipped and fell on a sidewalk in New York City. Now what do you do?

The first thing that you should do is determine exactly where you fell. Was it on a cracked sidewalk? A pot hole? A crack in the street? If you have your cell phone or camera available, take a picture.
You should then make a note of the street where you fell.
Lastly, if possible, get an accident or police report. If it is not possible make sure that an ambulance picks you up at the location that you fell. Remember, you will need evidence of the accident if you decide to file a lawsuit.
After you have gone to the hospital or doctor, you should immediately get a lawyer. In New York State, you have only 90 days to file a Notice of Claim against the City of New York, MTA, or other public authorities. The Notice of Claim states the date of the injury, the type of injury and how it occurred, as well as other information that may show that New York City or other public authority was at fault.
You should also know that under a recent law, the City of New York may not be responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk–it may be the responsibility of the adjacent landowner. However, just to be safe you should file a Notice of Claim anyway.
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