Walking in a supermarket, slipping on a wet floor and breaking your leg. Climbing up the steps to enter a building, slipping on ice and dislocating a hip. Falling down the stairs of an unlit stairwell and suffering from brain injuries. These are all examples of potential slip and fall cases.

People slip and fall, hurting themselves every day. Many people develop serious complications from their injuries, sometimes with catastrophic results. In New York State, in order for you to receive monetary compensation for your pain and suffering in a slip and fall case, you must be able to prove the following:

1. A dangerous condition existed on the owner’s property.

2. The property owner knew about that dangerous condition prior to your accident.

3. The property owner had sufficient time to fix the dangerous condition before your accident, but failed to do so.

4. The property owner did not fix the dangerous condition properly.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who will listen to you, answer your questions and fight for your rights. The skilled attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler  have had years of experience fighting for the legal rights of our clients, and obtaining monetary settlements for victims of slip and fall cases. We can help you. Please call us at (914) 220-1088 for a free evaluation of your case.