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At Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler, our success allows us to be very selective in the cases we accept. We want to represent all those who have been truly wronged by another and are now facing Slip and Fall Accident cases throughout the Yonkers area. If you are in need of a Yonkers area lawyer  with a focus in Slip and Fall Accident, call us today.

At Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler, we are passionate about taking on negligent parties and their insurance companies and getting people in the Yonkers full and fair compensation for their injuries. In fact, helping clients throughout the Yonkers area is all we do. Our team has 12 years experience dealing with these cases, so we have gotten to know how insurance companies like to work. Trust our team to get you through your Slip and Fall Accident case in the best way you want.

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