Hard Work. Commitment. Results. That’s what our clients say about us. We are a client-based firm dedicated to fighting for your legal rights. We have a proven track record of getting substantial monetary benefits for people who have been injured through the fault of another.

“I was working as a landscaper and walked across the street carrying leaves when I was hit by a car. I injured my left leg and had a tear with the need for surgery. Jason Kessler represented me in both my personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. He showed lots of attention to both of my cases and settled them for a good amount of money. Besides being a zealous advocate, Mr. Kessler was also very concerned about my personal situation and helped me tremendously. I am happy with the results and I hand his card out to all of my friends and neighbors.”

Jose O.

Sleepy Hollow, NY

“I slipped and fell on a wet floor in a supermarket and severely injured my knees. I was not able to walk for a very long time and had a total knee replacement. I hired Jason Kessler upon referral from another attorney. From the start, I was very pleased with him. Mr. Kessler made a complete and thorough investigation of the circumstances involved in my injury and then tenaciously prosecuted my case. Soon after placing this matter into the suit, Mr. Kessler was able to obtain a favorable settlement. I was very happy with his services and would recommend him to all of my family and friends.”

Peter P.

Poughkeepsie, NY

“I was severely injured in a car accident and the defendant’s car insurance company refused to pay me anything. I was also behind on my bills and could not work. I retained The Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler and Mr. Kessler was able to move my case fast and obtain a favorable settlement. I can’t thank Jason enough. I consider him both my attorney and my friend. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. He is the best.”

Dieudonne M.

Bronx, NY

“I was injured in a work-related accident and suffered serious physical and psychological injuries. I cannot begin to say enough about the level of professionalism and competence that Mr. Kessler provided. From the beginning, his honest and direct approach made dealing with a very difficult legal situation bearable. As a result of his legal skills and tenacity, I was able to obtain significant compensation, which has given me a second chance at life.”

Jane G.

New Rochelle, NY

“I can’t say enough about my experience with Attorney Jason Kessler. My case concerned a dentist who damaged me during a root canal and caused permanent numbness on the left side of my face. While litigation made me nervous, Mr. Kessler calmed me down and explained to me on a regular basis what was going on with my case. Throughout the whole litigation process, Mr. Kessler was responsive, caring and honest. He also made sure that I was prepared for trial and comfortable on the witness stand. Due to his preparation and aggressiveness with the defense counsel, my case settled a week before trial and I got a very good result. I would recommend Mr. Kessler to anyone who has been injured due to the negligence of others.”

Franz A.

Elmont, NY