Tappan Zee Bridge In New York Damaged After Crane Collapse

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – On Tuesday, a crane collapsed onto the Tappan Zee Bridge due to which travelling was closed in both directions on the span.

3 individuals sustained non-life threatening injuries in the incident, according to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He said about the incident that it is “nothing short of a miracle” that the injuries and damage was not too much. He added, “When I first heard this news my heart stopped.”

Many hours were spent by crews to cut up the fallen crane to move it aside from the travel lanes.

The Westchester-bound side of the bridge had a “punch through” hole that was made due to the falling crane in the right-most lane and a hole in the external guard rail as well as structural damage underneath, told Cuomo and Rockland County Executive, Ed Day.

It is confirmed by Cuomo that the outside lane will not open for travelling Wednesday morning and it can remain shut for several days for repair.

He further said, “One lane being out is manageable.”

The crane that collapsed was utilizing a vibratory hammer to drive in pilings for the new Tappan Zee Bridge when the problem occurred due to which its boom fell onto the bridge nearby, told Cuomo.

2 motor vehicles crashed to avoid the falling crane, but luckily no individual sustained life-threatening injuries in the incident.

“No vehicle actually hit the crane,” confirmed Cuomo.

The individual who was operating the crane was rescued from the water by Westchester County police.

There are 28 cranes that work overtime for the project from which one crane collapsed.

Cuomo added, “If there’s a silver lining in this situation it’s that nobody was seriously hurt. I wouldn’t believe it. I’m going to say a special prayer tonight that we were that fortunate.”

On Tuesday evening, the lanes will be opened again for usual traffic.

It was announced that the northbound lanes that travel towards Rockland were reopened at 5:15 p.m.

One southbound lane that is used for travelling towards Westchester, was expected to be open by 7 p.m. and a second southbound lane by 8 p.m. Meanwhile, drivers who needed to travel southbound were told to go for any other route, said Cuomo.

Cuomo is happy about the residents for taking the incident in stride for which he said, “I like to say that when things are at their worst New Yorkers are at their best, and today they were.”

The motorists that were stuck in the traffic jam on the bridge on Tuesday afternoon were getting out of their vehicles to see the crane, while individuals present in Rockland County were gathering on side roads to see the incident unfold.

Brian Solomon, who was one of the motorists stuck on the bridge, told that hundreds of individuals were standing there to look at the crane. He said, “We were flying through the bridge and out of nowhere it came to a dead stop. The sides of the bridges, they’re completely destroyed on both sides. Everybody’s talking to each other, asking what’s going on. We saw one person on a stretcher. As long as nobody got (seriously) hurt, I have no problem waiting.”

News Source: www.WFAA.com

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