When You Should Contact An Injury Lawyer After An Accident

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane with respect to when you should contact an attorney after an accident. Being in accident is a horrific nightmare. You might not know that you have suffered your injuries from the accident or from something else in your life. It is not always clear how intense the injuries are from the beginning of the accident. They can get progressively worse over time. Whenever the accident occurs, it is important that you stay calm because you have to report it in the time frame that it has happened. If you do not report the accident because you are too stressed or you think your injuries may not be that bad, you may have lost your chance at the moment to file a case.

Waiting to Report the Accident

After a day goes by, you may notice that your injuries are worse than you thought. There are all sorts of questions that you have. Can you still file a claim? Will you be able to get the help that you need? During the time of the accident, you may be very scared and tense. You might not know what to do or how to think at any point during the event. Since there is no one there at the moment to advise you, be sure that you write everything down that happened so that you can remember to tell a lawyer if you need to at a later time. Write down the details, and that includes the time, date and if there were any witnesses. You want the names, addresses and phone numbers of any of the witnesses that were there and saw what happened.

If You Declined to Get Immediate Help

This does not mean that you can’t file charges at a later time for what happened. You might need to do so depending on how much worse you feel. That is why at Cantor Crane, we are here to assist you if you find yourself in this type of situation. You want to get the most that you deserve even if you failed to file something right when it happened. We can help you to do that so never hesitate to give us a call in this type of situation.

Declining Immediate Help

For many people, they might not realize how hurt they are when the accident first happens. They may have been in shock or just were too stressed out to feel the damages that have been done. Sometimes, a person will be in an emergency room and not notice how bad the injury is. That is because it doesn’t show up for what it is until later. There are also case where a person has received help for a hurt arm or leg, and then, later found out that their back or neck was also injured. This would lead to filing a personal injury claim at a later date, and it happens frequently because of the circumstances that usually are involved when there is an accident.

There is a Time Limit Involved

The statute of limitations is your time limit for filing any type of claim about injuries. The statute of limitations is different for each state. It depends on what state that you are in whether or not the time limit begins the date of your injury or not. In other states, it starts during the time of discovery, which is when you first start to notice your injuries. This is very important for how much you can expect to receive for damages from the injuries that you incurred.

A Phoenix accident lawyer from Cantor Crane, is a trained professional that will understand all the aspects of the legal process. They will be able to assist you in many different ways when you need to decide if you should proceed with the case any further. Using an accident lawyer can have the best effects that you can find. You will be able to get the information that you need about your injury and whether there has been too much time that has elapsed for you to ask for damages. When you tell the lawyer all the things that they need to know, you will be able to get a good answer as to how you should proceed with your case.

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