Why Does An Insurance Company Ask For A Demand And Then Decide Not To Settle Your Case?

So you placed your personal injury case in suit, had your deposition, were examined by the insurance company’s doctor, and now your attorney talks to you about a demand. After a conversation with your attorney you agree on a monetary amount and you wait…. days…weeks…months…years… WHAT IS GOING ON?

What is going on is that the insurance company is employing a tactic called demand, delay and deny. This tactic is designed to psychologically upset a personal injury victim and reduce their expectations. Typically, insurance companies will not settle your case until your case is on a trial calendar or a jury has been picked. However, they may ask for a demand of a monetary amount to set up your expectations for a quick and painless settlement. When they do not respond to your monetary demand they hope that you will become exasperated and either give up or settle for much less.

Do not fall for this tactic. You need an attorney who has worked for the insurance companies and knows the tactics that they employ. At the Law Offices of Jason B. Kessler, we know how the insurance companies work and the tactics they use during litigation. If you have been injured due to the negligence of others you need an attorney that understands how the insurance companies operate.

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