Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Your Contacts List

Today’s topic written by Aaron Crane, an experienced injury lawyer in Phoenix, why you need a personal injury lawyer in the event of an accident. Everyone should have the name of a personal injury lawyer in their contacts list. Why, because accidents can happen to anybody. Sometimes they occur because someone else has been negligent. If you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation for medical expenses and loss of income.

Road Traffic Accidents

Every year, there are more than six million car accidents. That’s one car crash every 10 seconds. These accidents result in 40,000 deaths and three million injuries annually. These figures do not include accidents involving trucks, motorcycles, trains, ATVs and boats.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, your first telephone call should be to an experienced and focused car accident injury attorney. While the scene of the accident will be crawling with first responders and accident investigators, none of them will be interested in your personal injury claim. Once the scene has been cleared up, crucial evidence to back up your claim will be lost forever.

A personal injury lawyer can dispatch the best private investigators directly to the scene. Expert accident investigators are often former police officers or advanced driving instructors. They can analyze and reconstruct the accident, revealing vital clues to increase your chance of a successful claim. They achieve this by:

  • Inspecting the accident site.
  • Carefully examining the vehicles involved.
  • Conducting detailed interviews of witnesses.
  • Making video recordings.
  • Calculating reaction times and sightlines along with braking times and stopping distances.
  • Reconstructing and reporting on the accident.

The best time to choose a personal injury lawyer is before you need one. You will not be in a position to do this at the scene of the accident, when you may be providing information to law enforcement officers or receiving medical treatment.

Slip and Fall Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17,000 people are involved in premises liability accidents, also known as slip and fall accidents. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their premises in safe condition. If you slip and fall because of dangerous conditions, such as poor lighting, torn carpeting, or wet flooring, it is up to you to demonstrate that owner of the property is aware of the hazard.

In order to establish that the property owner was at fault, you will need to demonstrate that:

  • The owner created the hazard;
  • The owner was aware the condition existed and negligently failed to rectify it; or
  • The hazard was in place for a sufficient period of time that the owner should have noticed it and dealt with it.

Medical Malpractice

The Institute of Medicine reports that approximately 100,000 people die each year as a result of medical errors. Additionally, 1.5 million injuries annually result from mistakes in prescribing and administering medication. Of these, more than 400,000 happen in hospitals, with twice as many occurring in long-term care settings.

In order to successfully demonstrate negligence in providing medical care, five elements must be present:

  • The defendant owed a professional duty to the patient.
  • The physician or other medical professional breached that duty.
  • The breach caused the injury.
  • The practitioner had deviated from normal practice.
  • The plaintiff suffered pecuniary or emotional damage.

Demonstrating the above five elements is tricky; it is something that requires the meticulous care and diligence that only an experienced personal injury lawyer can provide.

Other types of practice areas that each personal injury lawyer at Cantor Crane handles include construction accidents, dog bites, accidents at amusement parks, and farming accidents. Each one of these injury genres has its own particular set of peculiarities that must be overseen by a personal injury attorney who knows what he is doing.

When to Recruit a Personal Injury Law Firm

As with automobile accidents, the correct time to choose a personal injury attorney is before you need him. All PI cases have statutes of limitation that, in many instances, are as short as two years. These are the time periods within which claims for compensation must be filed. Whatever the circumstances, you need to get your lawyer on the job at the earliest possible opportunity to allow his team to conduct a thorough investigation, secure all of the necessary paperwork, and develop the right strategy.

Contact Cantor Crane at (602) 254-2701 today to learn more about why we are the right personal injury law firm to put on your contact list should you need us in the future.

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