Workers’ Compensation – Do It On Your Own Or Hire A Lawyer?

Unlike a personal injury lawsuit a claimant who files a workers’ compensation claim does not have to hire a lawyer. In most scenarios the claimant will be able to get their workers’ compensation lost wage benefits, their medical bills paid and even reimbursement of their travel costs.

So why do claimant’s need a lawyer?
Answer: there are lump sum settlements, schedule loss of use awards and other awards that an unrepresented claimant will not know how to access.
Most claimants do not realize that after returning to work after their shoulder or knee injury that they can obtain a significant monetary settlement through a schedule loss of use award. Most claimants do not understand that if they are working two jobs at the same time and cannot perform both jobs they are entitled to higher workers’ compensation benefits through concurrent employment. Lastly, most claimants do not know what doctors have their best interests in mind and which doctors are just looking to bill as much as they can from the insurance carrier.
My advice to claimants who have active workers’ compensation claims… get an attorney immediately.
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