Personal Injury

A person should choose an attorney whom they feel they can trust. It is very important, when choosing a lawyer. There should be open lines of communication and a person should feel confident that every step of the process is going to be handled correctly.

A person should trust their attorney’s expertise. This is why it is very important before deciding on someone, to look at their record and past performance. Make sure you feel comfortable with this attorney and the firm he belongs to.

Thankfully, the United States of America uses something called “Contingency Fee”, meaning the person would not have to pay anything during the pendency of their case. They would only have to pay at the end. Anyone can afford a great personal injury attorney and it would not cost them anything unless they won or got a favorable verdict at trial.

People generally do not understand the legal process or what proof they would need to have in order to prove their claim. A lot of people do not understand the concept of liability, meaning how to prove fault and they generally do not realize what kind of objective proof would be needed in order to garner a favorable settlement with an insurance company or corporation.

Some people even think they could just hire an attorney and that would be the end of their involvement in the case. The most important thing would be for people to become educated regarding what they could do to help their own case and what objective medical evidence would be needed to show they were seriously injured.

Our tenacity, aggressive attitude and commitment to not giving up on our client, is what sets us apart from other attorneys in the way we handle personal injury cases.

In cases where people are seriously injured, we do our best to make sure the client is taken care of and that we are on top of their case.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Though you may be embarrassed after tripping and falling, it’s important that you pay attention to what exactly made you fall. Whether it was water or another substance spilled on the floor, or a poorly maintained sidewalk, property owners are required to post signs warning of dangerous conditions that may lead to a serious injury. If you are injured, it is important to take legal action at once, and get proper medical attention. Click here to learn more about slip and fall accidents.

Inadequate Security

Shopping malls and other public places have a duty to their patrons to maintain a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately, many people are injured in muggings, assaults and robberies in parking lots, malls and other public places that have inadequate or negligent security. This is likely a premises liability case that should be filed on your behalf, and monetary compensation sought for the damages you suffered. If you have been injured in this type of situation, contact a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible so that we can review the circumstances of your situation to determine if you have a premises liability case.

Dog Bites

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their dog at all times. If you have been bitten by a dog while on someone else’s property, or on your own property when the dog has been off leash, get in touch with our firm for qualified representation in all aspects of your case. Any names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses to the incident can be very helpful in such a case. Of course, medical attention is vital immediately after the accident, as dog bites can be dangerous, disfiguring and life-threatening. Click here to learn more about dog bites.

We will investigate your premises liability accident and determine the cause and the responsible party (or parties). It will be necessary to review the medical records and other evidence to evaluate your case. We have experience in handling premises liability cases. Attorney Kessler is a tough negotiator and is not afraid to bring a case to trial when necessary.

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